Terms of purchase

It must be pointed out that only a small part of our huge inventory of Cadillac parts is available in the online store. If you do not find what you are looking for, call or email us.

If you are under 18 years of age, you must have a parent's permission to order from us. All attempts at fraud are reported to the police.

Assembly of parts
The customer is responsible for checking the correct condition of the product and that the product fits the car where it is to be installed, this must be checked by the customer before it is installed.
We are not responsible for consequential damages, loss of profit, lost use, lost working time or the like.
We do not reimburse any workshop costs that may arise in the event of complaints or consequential damages.

Payment method
Card payment Visa/Mastercard
Takes place via a secure connection to Auriga/Teller and is free of charge.

Direct payment via internet banking
We accept direct payment via all Swedish banks that offer it: Handelsbanken, Nordea, SEB and Swedbank. We partner with Payson for secure connection for direct payments.

Advance payment
If you want to pay your order in advance to our bank giro, that's fine. Pay the sum of your order including shipping to our bank giro 516-9834 and enter your order number. Keep in mind that it may take a few days before we can see the payment.

If you want to pay against invoice, the following conditions apply:
- You must have a credit-worthy customer number with us that you received when you shopped before at TA Motor AB.
- By creditworthy customer number, we mean that you have received 30 days of credit from us before and have not paid the invoice late.

Have you been a customer with us before?
If you have bought from us before and want an invoice and have a creditworthy customer number, do the following: Select Invoice as payment option. When you then come to the checkout Review & Confirm Enter your customer number at the bottom of the Message box

You can contact us and apply for a customer number
We normally carry out a credit check on all new customers who apply for a customer number with us, and an inquiry copy may be issued.

Even if you place an order and do not meet all the requirements, we may change the order to another payment method.

If payment is not made, a reminder fee of SEK 50 and late payment interest with a reference rate of +8% will be added.

Shipping cost
The shipping cost depends on the weight and size of what you order. If the order exceeds SEK 2,500, we will ship free of charge within Sweden. For Denmark and Finland (except Åland), NOK 5,000 free shipping applies. We choose the shipping method on free shipping orders.
If you want a shipping method other than our chosen one, you pay the possible difference. There are exceptions where free shipping does not apply. There is a note about this in the article's text if it is exempt from free shipping.

Our delivery time is normally 2-4 working days. Normally we have all products in stock, should this not be the case we will contact you if you wish to wait or cancel your order free of charge.

Untriggered packages
Packages ordered but not collected are charged with full return shipping and handling fee, however at least SEK 160 incl. VAT. Shipment not collected is not considered as exercise of the right of withdrawal.

Orders in the name of others
It is not permitted to order goods in someone else's name or address without their knowledge and approval. All fraud attempts are reported to the police. We log the IP for each order that is attached to the police report.

Complaint/return purchase/cancellation
The recipient is responsible for checking that the delivery and the products are undamaged in connection with receiving the package. In case of any problems with packages or missing goods, a written message must be sent via our contact form within a reasonable time. We follow Swedish law and the Swedish Consumer Agency's advice, which says that it is the consumer who is responsible for the return shipping if the consumer regrets his purchase. If, on the other hand, there is a fault with the product (a complaint) or if we made a wrong delivery, we pay the return shipping. Then contact us before sending anything back, and you will receive a return shipping slip from us. We therefore pay the shipping if we have delivered the wrong item, or it is a faulty item. If you ordered incorrectly or regret your purchase, you pay the shipping back to us.

In the event of a justified complaint, we will repair or replace the faulty part.

For complaints, regret purchases and cancellations. In the event of an approved complaint/cancellation of purchase, we will refund the amount for your order within 30 days.

Personal data
We process all personal data that you provide in accordance with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). We guarantee that no information about you is sold or used for advertising by third parties, but is only used internally by TA Motor AB. Your e-mail address is used for order confirmation and for other information about your order. We also reserve the right to, in certain cases, send advertisements to the e-mail address you provide if you have not indicated that you do not want these. If you want to change the information or be removed from the register, please contact our Tommy Lindell.

More information in the spring privacy policy.

Consumer (private person) right of withdrawal for distance contracts
We follow the Swedish Consumer Agency's recommendations for e-commerce. The consumer has on his side the law on consumer protection in the case of distance contracts, etc. It specifies, in some cases, the right to withdraw from a purchase by leaving or sending a message to this effect within 14 days from the day you received the item or a substantial part of it.

We follow the General Complaints Board's recommendations in the event of a dispute.

Shipping prices within Sweden

under 50 g, SEK 55
51-100 g, SEK 70
101-250 g, SEK 90
251-500 g, SEK 100
501-1,000 g, SEK 160
1,000-2,000 g, SEK 185

Letter Cash on delivery, + SEK 135

under 3 kg, SEK 210
3-5 kg, SEK 245
5-10 kg, SEK 330
10-15 kg, SEK 375
15-20 kg, SEK 440
20-32 kg, SEK 875

Package cash on delivery, + SEK 135

Shipping prices to Denmark & Finland (not Åland)

under 50 g, SEK 75
51-100 g, SEK 90
101-250 g, SEK 130
251-500 g, SEK 170
501-1,000 g, SEK 250
1,000-2,000 g, SEK 375

under 3 kg, SEK 345
3-5 kg, SEK 360
5-10 kg, SEK 470
10-15 kg, SEK 500
15-20 kg, SEK 630
20-32 kg, SEK 1010

Facts and price information are provided with reservation for printing errors, suppliers' price increases, possibly incorrectly stated technical specifications etc. and for final sale. The information provided herewith does not constitute any statement about usability, suitability, guarantee, etc., other than where it is directly stated. TA Motor AB reserves the right to change all information without prior notification.

Cadillac Customer from outside Sweden

This shop is written in Swedish, Finnish and English, and you can order, pay and check out directly in the webshop If you are from one of the countries below.

Åland Islands, Norway, Belgium, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Germany, France, Austria, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Croatia, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Faroe Islands , Monaco, Svalbard and Jan Mayen, Canada, United States (US), Australia, New Zealand, Georgia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Switzerland, Serbia, Denmark, Finland, Brazil, Falkland Islands, Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain, Czech Republic and Hungary.

If you are from another country, of course you can order from us. Just order as usual and fill out your details such as name, address, e-mail and phone number. Then type in the message box if you wish to pay by Visa or MasterCard. Or if you want to prepay to our bank.

After we have received your order, we will send you an e-mail with Proforma Invoice, freight calculated and the total cost. And of course, payment instructions. When the money arrives in the bank or card account, we send the Cadillac parts to you.

We understand that Swedish is not so easy to understand, but with English, or perhaps a translation program, we will understand each other. We have been selling parts all over the world using Swenglish and good mood, so just send an e-mail to [email protected] Just write down what you want to buy or just your questions, we will answer you with northern reliability. Welcome!

TA Motor AB