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Spring kit for the flip strip in the roof as for 2 doors. Coupe

965 kr

Fits all two-door cars with a metal roof.

SKU: RUT-5456 Enhet: clause


This is a rope set with new springs for the so-called flip strip that sits on the roof of all 2-door HT Cars. The flip strip wiggles down and seals between the roof and the door frame when you close the door and the door frame is in the raised position. The kit contains the springs, rivets and a small plastic heel needed for this renovation. The parts are enough for one side, if you need to renovate both sides, you must buy 2 sets. If you have a 2-door car with a metal roof, this is the right rope set for the flip list.


Be careful when you take the strip apart so you can put it back together in good working order. Think first screw then. You are welcome to get in touch with some tips and pictures when you renovated the flip list, so we can post this as a tip for others. We do not have any pictures of this.