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Bulb. Back light the white

15 kr

Bulb No. 1073

SKU: GLO-1073


Bulb for the white reverse light. It is a 1-pole lamp, the bulb number is 1073 and the light intensity is 32cp. The diameter of the globe is 25mm and the base 15mm.


Replace all lamps with the correct ones, if they are too strong they will burn the lamp glass, holder and attachment. If the lamp is too weak, it will not light as it should. An old and tired light bulb doesn't have the right glow, and it's only a matter of time before it doesn't light at all.
Autumn darkness and the car idling with all the lights on, the taillights give off a nice red glow. Open the door and the interior lighting comes on and shines precisely with the right intensity. The instrument light is equally clear over the entire instrument. Yes, it is at that moment that you can be satisfied that you replaced all the faulty light bulbs.