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HT-Stripes, the rubber strips at the front of the HT-Ruta

510 kr

These HT strips, rubber strips fit all Cabs

SKU: GUM-0141-3 Enhet: couple


HT-Stripes in rubber, that's what you call the standing vertical rubber strip that is attached to the front edge of the HT-Rutan. HT-Ruta is the name given to the glass window that can be opened when sitting in the back seat. These are a pair of rubber HT-Listers that are mounted in the chrome rail that sits at the front of the glass. These HT-Lists fit all cabs. So if you have a Cabriolet then these are the right HT-Lists for your car. This model does not have a steel core and must be cut to the correct length.


The rubber strips are mounted from below on the HT-Rutan. Start by cleaning off all old rubber residue from the chrome rail. Then pull the HT-Listen into the chrome rail, if it is difficult, lubricate the rubber with e.g. silicone grease, or grind down the rubber so that it is thinner on the part that must go into the chrome rail. If the rubber is not firmly attached to the chrome rail, then glue it in place so that it does not slide down. Then adjust the length of the ht strip by cutting it to the desired perfect length. Think first, assemble and cut later.