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Piston kit 8pcs +030″

9 920 kr

Piston kit + .030″ oversize

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8 pistons complete with piston bolts, the pistons correspond to the original in quality and design.

All pistons are weighed and weight adjusted so that they all have the same weight.


Be careful when installing the connecting rods so that you do not press the piston pin askew and damage the piston.

Pay attention so that you turn the piston the right way, If there is a marking on the top of the piston, it should be turned forward.



Here you get the measurements of the most common cylinder dimensions. Scrape off the soot and then measure at the top of the cylinder in the engine block, don't measure on the piston as it could be wrong. It is fine to measure with an ordinary caliper if you are accurate

STD 4” = 101.60mm
+020” 102.11mm
+030” 102.36mm
+040” 102.62mm
+060” 103.12mm