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Radiator hose upper

345 kr

SKU: KYL-2095-2 Enhet: piece


A premium quality molded upper radiator hose. Under related products below you will find a suitable hose clamp for this hose.


The new hose may have to be cut off a piece. Check carefully that you cut it in the right place, sometimes it has to be shortened at both ends. But check carefully before, if the cut is in the wrong place, you will have to buy a new hose.
Change the coolant every 5 years, the rust protection becomes worse with old coolant. You should have a mixture of 50-60% glycol and you raise the boiling point, then you also have good rust protection. Many engines and water pumps rust from the inside just because you try to save on the glycol, and not least you avoid a frozen engine block. The garage where the car is parked over the winter can be without electricity and heat. Every spring we get phone calls from customers with frozen engine blocks

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