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Low nut 3/8″ UNF

25 kr

SKU: BUL-3803F Enhet: piece


The nut fits a standard bolt that has a diameter of 3/8″ UNF approx: 9.53mm. The nut is only 5.5mm high, which is 3mm lower than a normal nut. It is therefore an American fine threaded nut that has an outer diameter of 9.53mm, which is then called 3/8″ It has 24 threads in one inch = 25.4mm, if you are unsure, you can count the number of threads the bolt has in 25, 4 mm.


The difference between UNC and UNF is the number of threads per inch.

UNF is fine-threaded with more threads per inch than the coarse-threaded UNC thread.
The smaller sizes are divided from 0 to 12 and are called numerical threads. We call them "Screws"

The larger sizes start with 1/4″ and so on. We call them "Bultar"