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Middle control brace

3 795 kr

SKU: FR-1548 Enhet: piece


The center control rod tube, a refurbished empty center control rod, tube.


Disassemble your old damaged, crooked pipe. Keep track of how everything is assembled. Check for any damage to the contents, replace damaged parts (we have everything in stock) Assemble everything in the correct order in the refurbished pipe. Lubricate all parts with grease, fitting the grease nipples is the last thing you do.

Trade-in deposit

Exchange detail, deposit. This part is a refurbished original Cadillac part.
The price above includes the deposit fee, when you buy this spare part a fee is included which we call the Deposit.
It works so that when you get this spare part to your home, it comes with a note that you fill out.
Attach the tag to your old, well-cleaned spare part, send it to us in any way you choose, you pay the shipping.
When we get your old spare part back, we check that it is a complete, refurbishable and correct original part we received in return.
If everything is ok, we will send the deposit (the money) back to you, or if you want it to be credited to the next time you shop. You decide where and how you want the money when you fill in the deposit form.
If you are unsure whether it is a deposit we approve, contact us first. If the deposit is not OK, you will not get the money back.

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