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Mounting strip side windows, glass-chrome. Cork rubber mixture 0.8mm

80 kr

SKU: GUM-1114 Enhet: meter


Mounting strip made of a mixture of cork and rubber, it is a little more springy and grips the glass harder than a mounting strip made only of rubber. It is used to mount the glass of the side windows in the chrome frame. Fits side glass that has a metal frame fixed to the glass. The thickness of the rubber cork mixture is 0.8mm and the width is 38mm. It is sold by the meter so measure the space you have between the metal frame and the glass, as well as the length you need. Keep in mind that the glass must be firmly attached when you have pressed the glass in place, so it is a press fit that applies. The pictures with red lines show the location of the rubber.


Fold the rubber cork strip around the edge of the glass, lubricate the outside of the rubber, i.e. the part that goes against the metal frame with kerosene or degreaser, and the glass will slide into place more easily. Gently tap the glass into place, being careful not to crack the glass. When you're done, cut off the excess material with a razor blade.