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Mounting bolt for swing damper 9/16″ UNF

155 kr

SKU: BUL-96100F-1 Enhet: piece


A 9/16″ UNF bolt used to push back the sway bar. The bolt is 9/16″ approx 14.29mm thick and 100mm long, measured under the skull. This bolt is only helpful when mounting the anti-sway. A sway damper bolt is needed to hold it in place (see related products below).


When the car was new, there was no bolt on the front of the crankshaft. The anti-sway damper was press-fit against the crankshaft when the engine was assembled at the factory. But when you dismantle the sway damper for the first time, and then reassemble it, you write the following in the workshop manual: Remove the Cork plug that sits in the hole and has protected the gangs against dirt and rust since the car was new. Then press the swing damper in there and then mount a swing damper bolt with a washer inside.


Check that there are clean and fine threads at the front of the crankshaft before tightening the bolt. Lubricate the threads of the bolt before pulling it.

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