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Nut 5/16″ UNC = 7.94mm with built-in lock washer

10 kr

SKU: BUL-51004C Enhet: piece


The nut fits a standard bolt that has a diameter of 5/16" UNC approx. 7.94mm. It is therefore an American coarse threaded bolt that has an outer diameter of 7.94mm, which is then called 5/16". It has 18 threads in one inch = 25.4mm, if you are unsure, you can count the number of threads the bolt has in 25.4mm.


The difference between UNC and UNF is the number of threads per inch.
UNF is fine-threaded with more threads per inch than the coarse-threaded UNC thread.

The smaller sizes are divided from 0 to 12 and are called numerical threads. We call them "Screws"

The larger sizes start with 1/4″ and so on. We call them "Bultar"