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Gasket kit steering servo pump. Early 1958.

745 kr

If you have a pump that is approx: 50-54mm wide across the nose cone, this gasket kit fits.

SKU: STY-2400-1 Enhet: clause


Gasket kit containing O-rings, gaskets and the stuffing box. The stuffing box in this kit is 43.1mm outside and fits the early model 1958 power steering pump. Measure the front part of the pump (Check the picture with red markings), if it is approx: 50-54 mm in diameter, then this is the right gasket set for your pump.


When removing the pulley from your old pump, don't hit the shaft or pull the pulley crooked with some half-baked puller. Be careful!!
If you replace the oil in the steering servo pump with our special steering servo oil, you get a quieter and more efficient pump.