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Frame bearing kit +.030″ Complete for 1 engine

3 590 kr

SKU: MOT-6633 Enhet: clause


A complete frame bearing kit for a top quality engine. The bearings fit a crankshaft that has the dimensions 75.43 – 75.44 mm. Measure the diameter of the crankshaft just to be sure.

Std Crankshaft dimensions 76.19 – 76.20mm
+.010″ Crankshaft Dimensions 75.94 – 75.95mm
+.020″ Crankshaft Dimensions 75.68 – 75.69mm
+.030″ Crankshaft Dimensions 75.43 – 75.44mm
+.040″ Crankshaft Dimensions 75.17- 78.18mm

If you install incorrect bearings, costly breakdowns can occur.


Install the right bearing in the right place. Number 1 is closest to the cam drive number 5 is closest to the gearbox. Observe the locations of the lubrication holes in the engine block and in the bearings, lubricate the bearing surface closest to the crankshaft with engine oil. the back must be dry and clean. Think carefully before mounting the bearings. Incorrectly fitted bearings cause costly breakdowns.