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Front caliper repair kit

140 kr

SKU: BRO-1042 Enhet: piece


Rope set for 1 brake yoke front.
1 piston seal and 1 dust cover are included in this kit.
These brake calipers only have 1 piston per caliper.


A good trick if the brake piston is stuck in the yoke: Press the piston out using the brake pedal.
Leave the brake hose on the yoke, remove the yoke from the steering spindle, remove the brake pads and put a piece of wood there if you are going to renovate both sides, so the piston doesn't go too far and you lose pressure. Press the piston out with the pressure of the brake pedal, clean and install a new piston seal and press the dust cover, press the dust cover straight otherwise it will be difficult to get it in place. Replace air nipple, mounting kit and brake pads if necessary. Refit the brake caliper and bleed properly.

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