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Repair kit for the heating valve

445 kr

SKU: VAM-4158 Enhet: piece


This kit contains a small round gasket that sits inside the heater valve. It only fits original heating valves. If it doesn't say Harrison or Ranco on your heater valve, then it's not an original heater valve and then the seal won't fit.


When taking apart your heating valve be careful when you fold apart the locking plate, check how it is put together before you start taking it apart. Don't forget that it must be assembled and working when you are done with it. If there are 2 thin gaskets in your valve, they are replaced with this gasket. If you are not sure if you can put it together, stop before taking it apart. Check if we have a refurbished heating valve in stock, then you can return the rope set and buy a fully refurbished valve instead, but if you have taken the valve apart, we will not replace your broken heating valve.