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Ventilation window moldings standing 4 doors.

830 kr

These moldings fit all 4-door cars except series 6169

SKU: GUM-0781 Enhet: couple


The standing ventilation pane strip is the strip that seals against the rear edge of the vent pane glass. The kit contains both the left and right sides of the straight upright part of the sealing strips around the vent window, the angled front part is not included in this kit, it is purchased separately. Look at the picture, the location is marked in red. These moldings fit all 4-door cars. except series 6169. If you are not sure if these are the right moldings for your car, check the chassis plate under the hood, if it says 6219 or 6019 then these are the right moldings for your car.


To change the vertical ventilation grid strips, you must also remove the front vertical U-Channel felt strip that the glass of the door glass slides into. Install one side at a time, compare how the other side is installed. Clean off all old putty and rubber residues in the vent window frame. Sand off moldings in the rubber and fine-tune the fit of the new moldings before you start assembling. And the most important tip is as usual. Think first, assemble later.

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