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Ignition cable kit

645 kr

SKU: TAN-9880 Enhet: clause


A good value spark plug kit, complete with spark plugs.


Keep in mind that the cables should not run like straight lines of clothing under the hood. They should be soft bends and closest to the distributor they should go an extra turn so that you can lift off the distributor cap without removing the ignition cables. So loose and free, but they must not lie close to the manifolds so they will be burnt to pieces. Do you need to have a bent spark plug at the spark plug. Push the rubber cap aside and bend the sheet metal clip set at the right angle, lubricate the rubber cap and push it back. Put a thin layer of spark plug grease inside the rubber of the spark plug before pressing it onto the spark plug. The next time you have to remove the spark plug, it will not be stuck on the spark plug, and moisture will not get into the spark plug. BUT keep in mind that this special grease does not conduct current, so keep it away from electrical parts that must conduct current.

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