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Workshop manual 1962

795 kr

SKU: BOOK-1962 Enhet: piece


A newly produced workshop manual of 550 pages. This is a nice exact copy of Cadillac's own workshop manual. It has English text and lots of pictures on how to repair and maintain your Cadillac. It is a must when you are going to do something on your car, it was this book that the workshops used when the car was new and was going in for service, later when there was a breakdown, they also went into this book to go into detail get instructions on how things should be disassembled, repaired and then reassembled. A very useful book that we highly recommend.


If you are unsure about the translation from English to Swedish, it usually goes well when you start using the book. Single words that you don't understand can be looked up in a dictionary or you can key them in, for example. Google translation, together with the pictures in the book, it usually works really well to understand.